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9 Glam Nightstands.

9 Glam Nightstands

I'm on the hunt for a couple of glamorous nightstands. And I usually end up on an American website with these incredible gorgeous products! But usually the prices are also a bit high. I have seen a lot of these DIY-mirrored nightstands but it seems like to much of work [...]
The Hamptons, cute house.

The Hamptons Reminisce

I'm sitting here looking at pictures from our trip to New York last year. I love looking at old pictures and especially from our earlier trips. And I haven't really blogged that much about the New York trip at all. So I will probably blog a bit about that and [...]

Black and White Off-the-Shoulder Inspo

One of the biggest trends these days is of course the off-the-shoulder trend. It comes in all kind of variations and combined with other trends, like the trumpet sleeve. I absolutely love the look of both these trends and I'm sure they're here to stay for a while. The trend has [...]
Visiting Cannes, France.

The French Riviera

Here's some more pictures from the fabulous French Riviera and the magical places I visited. Juan les Pins, Antibes and of course Cannes, are places I highly recommending to visit especially during the film festival. The atmosphere is so glamorous and everything is so beautiful, the weather, the people and [...]
Beach poster

5 Gray Malin Inspired Posters

I really love photography that has some kind of water, beaches or coastal living inspired look to them. So right now I'm looking for a couple of posters for my home office. And the style that I'm going for is similar like the ones you see below here. These posters [...]
Wedding Dress Inspiration

Wedding Dress Inspiration

The other day when I was in the city to check out venues for the wedding I also had an appointment at Orchide Dresses. I have already started looking for the perfect wedding dress because you need to be so early on with ordering. They did not have so much [...]