Beach poster

5 Gray Malin Inspired Posters

I really love photography that has some kind of water, beaches or coastal living inspired look to them. So right now I'm looking for a couple of posters for my home office. And the style that I'm going for is similar like the ones you see below here. These posters [...]
6 perfect Coats

6 Perfect Coats

Where you can get it: 1. Valentino 2. Phase Eight 3. Prada 4. Valentino 5. Christopher Kane 6. Bottega Venta At the moment I'm looking for a new coat. I love my black one from Zara but I actually use it too much and I want it to last long so I need to find a [...]
Michael Kors Oslo Store Opening

Michael Kors Oslo Store Opening

A new golden shop On Thursday Michael Kors had it's new store opening in Karl Johans gate 21 in Oslo. They have actually already had a store open at Egertorget just a couple of blocks above from the new location. But now they have a three story high boutique! They have [...]
6 Statement Earrings.

6 Pairs of Statement Earrings

Where you can get it: 1. DOLCE & GABBANA Crystal clip-on earrings. 2. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Impatiens Mini clip-on earrings. 3. LA DOUBLEJ Gold-tone clip-on earrings by Ugo Correani. 4. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Embellished tassel clip-on earrings. 5. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Crystal-embellished starfish earrings. 6. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Crystal-embellished beaded [...]