Month: August 2017

Pink and white off-the-shoulder outfit.

Off-the-shoulder in Pink and White

Right now I'm listening to Lana Del Rey, my favourite artist. And her new album is so incredible! Like all of her songs I can listen to them over and over again and just love them more and more. But I'm having a small break from cleaning the apartment and [...]
Exquisite in White

Exquisite in White

I love detailed clothes and these are no exception. Just think of all the exquisite handcraft that had to be put into these dresses. I mean you look like a million bucks in something so delicate. And I'm very lucky because a talented friend of mine are making crafted tops [...]
Day trip to Burano, Italy.

Colourful Burano

Is it just me or must this be the most colourful city in the world? At least the most fun and colourful I've ever seen. We have recently been to Italy and one of the places we visited when we stayed in Venice was Burano. You need to take a [...]