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Exquisite in White

Exquisite in White

I love detailed clothes and these are no exception. Just think of all the exquisite handcraft that had to be put into these dresses. I mean you look like a million bucks in something so delicate. And I'm very lucky because a talented friend of mine are making crafted tops [...]
Day trip to Burano, Italy.

Colourful Burano

Is it just me or must this be the most colourful city in the world? At least the most fun and colourful I've ever seen. We have recently been to Italy and one of the places we visited when we stayed in Venice was Burano. You need to take a [...]
Incredible photo by: Antonio García Recena.

A Touch Of French

Who doesn't love a bit of "French" in their lives. And especially in interior design I'm a sucker for that Parisian and French style. Because of them decorated walls with moulded shapes. And that glamorous effortless styling that looks so meant to be. When we find a house that has [...]
OROGOLD Cosmetics. 24K Gold.

New Products: OROGOLD Cosmetics

I'm going to test out these new products from our New York trip that I haven't tried out yet. And it's all about the gold, literally 24K gold from OROGOLD! So as you might have figured out these cosmetics are based on gold. I think that is interesting and they [...]
Pink details in today's outfit.

It’s all about the Pink

As you all probably know by now (especially if you checked out my Instagram account) that I love the colour pink. In interior, fashion, decorations, food, design, well everything. So this outfit has it's "pops" of pink in it and I'm really into the Mediterranean-vacation look that you'll see sometime [...]
The turquoise beach: Hauklandstranda in Lofoten.

Turquoise Water in Lofoten

Wait a second. Is this place real? Turquoise, crystal clear water like in Greece, only in Norway? This is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. I have recently been on a vacation to a more northern part of Norway than I'm living in, called Lofoten. You might [...]