Moodboard: Tropical Inspo

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Where you can get it:

1. Bamboo Float Glass Coffee Table from One Kings Lane. 2. 19th Century Wedgwood English Majolica Fern on Palm Leaf Shaped Trays from 1stdibs. 3. Palm Branch Pillow from One Kings Lane. 4. Botanical small Trellis Tray from Oscar de la Renta. 5. Kent Teak Cheese set from Oscar de la Renta. 6. Bone urn with pineapple motif from Made Goods. 7. Callisto Key Tassel from Samuel and Sons.

This moodboard is inspired by our recent trip to Miami Beach. Where you find tropical luxe in the surroundings, the interior and fashion. Around in the streets of Miami Beach you’ll therefor get so much ideas to take home and wonder about. Especially for me when we will decorate our apartment and house when we will find the one that fits us perfectly. So here is some tropical inspiration if you want to indulge yourself into this type of style and bring that into your home.

Outfit: Daring Pattern

Outfit from Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
Outfit from Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
Outfit from Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
La Côte at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
La Côte
Dophin ear-rings.
Beach view
Pattern outfit at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.
Dinner at La Côte.
Lobster La Côte

Suit the environment

Ah, what a lovely day to grab some dinner at La Côte. A mediterranean restaurant located outside and as a part of the beautiful hotel Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. We had some fresh lobster and grilled cod, perfect together with yummy salad. I also took some outfit pictures to share with you. My well suited look for the location if I must say myself includes a colourful patterned and tropical coloured style.

Wearing: A lime green t-shirt together with my new fun trousers from Just Cavalli. Vintage dolphin ear-rings and heels from Atmosphere.

Nikki Beach – Heaven on earth

A green spot by the sea

I wanted to show you this beautiful place here in Miami Beach. This restaurant is so sweet decorated with roses, wood furniture and a visual identity that works really good for them. Together with all of the green vegetation they have put in there kinda makes it look like you are in an oasis. Nikki Beach welcomes you in to a relaxed haven. Since I love the decor in there I thought I’d show you it. I had some breakfast here the other day and that was really good too, so I recommend to stop here for a snack, sit in the backyard or have a delicious drink.

Outfit: Pink in Miami Beach

Pink and white outfit in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach Summer Outfit
Pink and white outfit in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach Summer Outfit
Pink and white outfit in Miami Beach.
Miami Beach Summer Outfit
Miami Beach Summer Outfit

A sunny start

Ok, I just love this place! Miami Beach is so perfect and exactly what I wanted for our next vacation. Relaxed atmosphere, sun, beaches, pools and total relaxation. That Miami Beach is such a glamorous place is a big plus. I love looking at the beautiful people, outfits, high heels, cars and interior. There is so much pretty things here you can let your eye hit. But I need to  write more about our stay here a bit later. I am soon heading out the door to pick up my dad from the airport. I just post this quick outfit post first from earlier today.

And by the way, Happy New Year! I wish everyone a fantastic 2017.

Wearing: A pink linen top fra Maje and ripped shorts from Carmar. Together with some blue slip-ons and a fringed bag bought in London some years ago.

Travel Destination: USA, Cuba and Mexico

Merida Boutique Hotel
Mandarin Oriental Miami.

Travelling abroad!

I hope everybody had a great holiday and spent their time well with family, friends and just getting in a relaxed and buzzed mood for the new year. During my vacation at home I had the best time with my family, I also slept a lot and hung out with some dear friends. I used my time to relax before I headed back to Oslo just in time to pack up my things for our next adventure.

My boyfriend and I will be going to some new places both similar to our culture here at home and probably some very new ones. Because already tomorrow we are going to Miami to spend the New Years there, and then we continue overseas to Cuba! The really cool thing is that my father will be joining us a couple days in Miami and the rest of the time in Cuba! I haven’t travelled with my father for so many years so I am really looking forward to that.

After a couple of weeks in Cuba we head back home to Norway, but only for a short while. After approximately a week my boyfriend and I head back to Miami for some days before we continue the journey to Mexico! That will be so cool. Both Cuba and Mexico seems so interesting since it’s so far away in many ways. But now I really have to get back to my packing since I only just started. Anyway I will try to blog a bit during the travelling. I just got a new Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera so I’m sure there will taken lots of pictures.